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Short descriptions about my painting series, 2018. Ahn Hyun-Ju


".. abstraction cannot accept anything that has a sense of the unbalanced. Everything that we see as pictorial must be correctly weighted; all the action within the depicted space must be evenly distributed. 
The reason for this seems to be that we cannot imagine any constrained spatial whole that is not balanced. Deformed space is a concept alien to our bodies; we demand balance and even distribution.
It is as though we cannot bear that the boat should tip or that the ball should fly untrue.
Disorganized space encourages our overwhelming fear of eccentric motion."

-Frank Stella in the book 'The writings of Frank Stella'. Section Annibale Carracci. 2001

In the Irrational Symmetry I intend to build a stable 'levitation'. The object is held aloft but in a balanced position without the support of symmetry or juxtaposition. Something which is free of gravity despite its considerable size.

I keep Association or symbolic language as low as possible in the background but I admit that it is also a part of my paintings. For example, Irrational Symmetry1 : bigger V shape of upper side heads down to the ground while the down side smaller V shape is uprising.



Moebius band has surface with only one side and one boundary: unorientable circumstance.
I got triggered by this feature: An image which does not allow defining a structure.
It would be interesting to try a process which circulates endlessly by re-echoing elements but not really repeat. Instead, it gets breaking points gradually.​




I walk down the same street everyday and never notice when it's getting dark. Daylight begins to diminish so quickly as an escaping cat does. The same is with dawn at the window in the morning . But what subtle shifting tones! Will it be sunny today? Or rainy? You can see in the delicately gliding hue in the silence.

The motivation was about reducing an object to the light fading in and out.

The format of painting body is created by sequences of a sidewise depressed square.

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